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What Great Decks

I am only a newbie in this world of magic but these Mint52 cards are great. They even help me to perfect some of my tricks and cardistry. The instructional videos are also among the best there is.


I bought these and the Blueberry Mints as well. I prefer these over the blue. The green really stands out, and the cards feel great in the hands.

Beautiful Cards

These cards are simply beautiful. The blue is a fantastic shade, and the cards feel great in the hands. The new markings are also really easy to read.

As advertised

Wonderful feel, classy, smooth.....beautifully packaged. Sorry I missed the earlier offerings.

Great Deck

Really like the look and feel of these cards. The gaff pack also
matches the deck really well. Great job! Keep up the good work!!


Fits the deck of cards perfectly. If you want to get it out just pull the deck a little from the flap and it should come right out

Nice style

Great style and design though could be a little bit larger as found it to be very tight getting decks in and out with tuck cases. Slot on the back could also be a bit bigger to fit more cards

Gaff Pack
Gaff Cards Packets (2) Review

First of ll, 52Kards and the Mint Collection exude nothing less than class and elegance!

My Gaff Cards Packets arrived as soon as promised and in perfect condition. In fact they were wrapped and packaged much better than a lot of more expensive items are.

I value the gaff cards, that's why I ordered two extra sets, because I don't ever want to be without them. If you own mint cards and don't have a set of the gaff cards... ORDER THEM NOW. In the gaff card packet , there are three double face aces. When you get your packet (if you don't have them yet) find Asad;s video of "Dream Of Aces". It's exciting, amazing and captivating! It will blow ANYONE away as you perform the illusion. I promise you'll love the reaction you'll receive from your audience.

If you have or want playing cards, you should never be without Mint Playing Cards and the companion gaff crds.

Great deck, but markings not for those with old eyes

Great deck handles well, great aesthetics, however, the marking system is probably going to be difficult for anyone to use over 40 without a magnifying glass.
Faro shuffles like a dream right out of the box!

Quality Product

The product is just what I expected it to be, classy, clean and high quality. Had it for a couple of months now in constant use and it's still as brand new.

The Best

Just beautiful cards. The best I have ever used and feel so special

Like a work of art

More than just a beautiful deck of cards. The beauty of the tuck is more than just eye candy. The texture of the embossing and foil make the tuck feel like a piece of well appointed fabric. The cards themselves are outstanding as well. Easy to read, unique, yet somehow familiar.

Casino grade playing cards

I work at the largest card room in the world in Los Angeles. We use these cards for our VIP games. Mint playing cards are durable and worth every cent.

Casino grade playing cards

I work at the largest card room in the world in Los Angeles. We use these cards for our VIP games. Mint playing cards are durable and worth every cent.

Amazing in Hand!

Haven’t got to use too much yet, but first handling feels amazing and the design is gorgeous. Cant wait to start doing sleight of hand with it :))

Top Notch

Excellent luxury deck of cards. The tuck case already gives away the high quality of the product inside. The cards are perfectly balanced and the aces are beautiful. Oh, and they are easy to read!

Highly Recommend

I love this deck, very well made. The design is beautiful. I love the way they feel when I use them. I would highly recommend these cards to anyone.

really nice cards

Very well balanced cards. I compare them to my david blaine cards which are also super good. I would say the mint cards have my favorite face designs and a really attractive back design. The feel is great, very slippery of course. I only wish the marking was a little bit larger because its hard for me to accurately read in a natural magic scenario.

So beautiful

Really beautiful cards that feel really nice. The system is really easy to pick up and is genius. Just need to go through the deck several times to master but impossible to spot if you don't know what you're looking for. The design of the cards is something I would love to see improved. By this, I mean like the fonts of the numbers. I really like the thickness of the Monarch numbers, but that's just personal preference. All in all, you wont be disappointd. Can't wait for other types to be restocked.

Many awesome. Such great!

smooth and crisp. Amazing to handle. markings are brilliant and easy to read.

Excellent deck wallet

Excellent quality and design!

Sleek n sexy li’l pack.

If u luv Mint for magic, u must get one . . . or more.

Perfect Addition

Same great quality as the rest of the deck with the added potential for some great tricks.

Blueberry Mint’s are one of my favorite decks. An uncut sheet of blueberry Mint makes for some beautiful wall art.

Really cool deck!

The card box looks great with a shiny back and the Mint logo at front, the cards feel really nice and smooth!