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Package not received

ITS BEEN 5 MONTHS! I ordered economy shipping which though I knew was slower, I would not have imagined that it would take this long. This is appalling service, and to be very frank I am irate. I would like a refund promptly. Thank you.

Hi Sharad, Apologies for the inconvenience! International economy shipping usually only takes 2-3 weeks to arrive, so something must have gone wrong. Can you please send a message to with your order number information, and the customer support team will be happy to investigate and help you out.
Cool cards, but...

I have only played with the blueberry mint deck. Fanning got clumpy really quickly. Not sure why. I have plenty of thin decks. Anyway, love the design and the marking, but could handle a lot better.

Awesome Gaff cards.

Fantastic Gaff cards. Just go for it!

Really great

Awesome cards, no complaints at all.

Gaff pack review

The cards are great to use and are identical to the mint 52 deck (which has been my issue with other gaff cards I have purchased from other companies), it’s a lot of fun and the pack contains a good variety of cards.

Very nice cards, good quality, perfect to complete the cucumber and blueberry decks I ordered

Very nice cards, good quality and fast delivery even though I'm in France

Very nice cards, good quality

Wonderful deck

The marking system is easy to read and invisible to any other person. The faces are good and minimalistic but personally, I like more complicated faces. The feel is really great, they are thin and handle well. The tuck case is gorgeous with the silver foil inside and the sparkling back.

What are you waiting for?

Seriously, if you want to up your game, thats the best way to do it! (Just don't tell your friends you ordered them :P)

Nice deck!

Nice deck!


Love the card sets, easy to read and almost invisible to others. I would like, however, for 52 to commission some more of the frost back mint cards (the kickstarter edition). They look wonderful!!!!!

Great gaff pack

Cheap but comes with a variation of special cards for awesome effects!


Well designed and look amazing. With minimal control no one is able to tell anything is up with these Gaffs. I am currently having fun with the aces.


the tuck case is very well designed, it looks beautiful from all angles. The cards are excellent. They handle very well and so far have been able to withstand plenty of use with minimal wear and tear. I really recommend these cards to anybody

It’s amazing.... been using it since it even came out but really wish they came back. Slick and smooth, these cards exceed expectations and are by far the nicest cards to use for cardistry.

Stunning to look at, easy to handle

I love the intricate design these cards feature as well as the professional air brush finish they have been manufactured with. It allows me to use them for both simple card games and complicated slight of hand. Whether you want them for decor or as a tool in cardistry, they really serve their purpose!

Mint cards

Lovely deck can do good flourishing also having the gaff cards the ace assemble is a triumph

Simply the best cards for magicians.

In terms of beauty and elegance Mint playing cards are probably the best in the world.
They are excellent for cardistry and perfect for magic show.
The mark sistem is simply great !
I've the blueberry packet and they are so wonderful.

Very nice dealer button.

This is a very well made metal coin / dealer button with a really good weight and feel.


Hi, Mint answered my question about sizes and I was dissapointed to hear that they are the same size as bycicle because I have small ish hands and I am really bad at many cardistry moves with bycicle cards. And then I actually got them, and I still couldnt do those moves, but I didnt care. I gotta say this is the most incredible deck of cards I've put in my hand. A bit pricey including shipping, But I dont care they are amazing. Thank you guys so much, I am extremely saatisfied with my purchase. I hope this review made yall very happy :D

Smooth finish,smooth in the hands

Its a delight to have these cards in your hands. Great to have them.

A great addition to the mint deck.

Really cool case definitely recommend.