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Quality case! It seems to be very well made and the little details, like the Mint logo in front, are nice touch. As the previous reviewers have stated, the case is little tight if you put a deck and tuckbox in it. But without the tuckbox the case works really well.

Excellent service

Haven’t received mine as yet, but a friend has. Tried them out a few days ago. They are sooo in my top 5 favorite decks. Great feel. Great design. Absolutely nothing negative to say about the Blueberry Mints. Most definitely buying another one


They feel and handle great. No regrets!

Very nice case

This case / wallet is really well made and has a nice feel to it. Be aware that it is a tight fit so the card case likes to stay inside the wallet as you pull the cards out. I like this design but you might not so thought it worth mentioning.
Very happy with the purchase.

Amazing Customer Serv

The deck is so beautiful and feels amazing. The customer service was truly exceptional, thankyou Nick!

Great looking case

Perfect looking case. Beautifull logo on the front. Perfect magnetic seal.

Pure style

Increadable deck. Looks stylish feels great. Great marking system


Amazing handling, perfect for so many card routines; Dream of Aces, even a very basic or weak Color Changing Deck illusion, and a lot more! Love the product and the company. Only thing I would suggest is more air cushion if possible, it would solve the one problem of cards not spreading as well after a while. But it's still great, I use it a lot, please keep putting it out!


These cards are butter, they're smooth and silky, and the only reason I don't eat them is cuz I want then to last for a long time and based on how they handle they surely will! No complaints, Asad is awesome and thinks everything through, you won't be disappointed. :)


Love these cards. Just keep them at my work station and play with them everytime I need to process what's going on in my mind. They move smoothly and run through my hands like butter, without the gooey-stickiness. Great product and just playing with them I know they will last me a long time! Thanks for the baller cards!

Best Cards Ever

These are the best cards ever and I haven't even opened the box. I don't open them cuz that's how good I think they are!

Waiting on the unknown

I placed this order a week ago and still haven’t received the package! Although I did order right before Christmas and I’m sure it will arrive soon. I will write another review upon receipt. But I am sure that this product will exceed my expectations!!

Like water

Cards are the best I’ve ever handled. For a deck they’re a bit pricey but the quality is unlike any other. Really excited to learn some tricks. The marking system is unique and not at all obvious to notice, making it great for any gambling. Amazing.


I received these from the black Friday special. The tuck case is beautiful inside and out. Cards are very smooth for the few minutes I played with them. Back design is awesome. Can't wait to get these back out and learn the marking system. I also got another special deck that I'm not opening unless I can find another one somewhere. I will definitely order some more of these and cucumber. These would make great gifts for anyone into collecting cards, cardistry or gambling. I can imagine the looks these would get on poker night. Haha I just realized these might not be the best poker cards being marked. That could end in an ugly situation.

Gaff cards

THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!! Great way to do the Dream of aces trick and overall awesome cards

The Best Cards

These are without a doubt the best cards I have ever had the pleasure of handling. From the gorgeous design to the subtle marking system, these cards are very much essential for the modern magician!

Great for magic!!

The Gaff cards in this pack are wonderful They are great whether you bought the blueberry mint or the cucumber mint these are wonderful for magic tricks containing doubles blanks and more definitely a must get to up your routines!
I would have given a five-star review if the envelope in which they came was better quality but it is not - unfortunately. The cards themselves are great gaff cards tho!


I Perform magic Weekly, although I have not had these cards for long I can already feel the quality. The quality of these cards is one of the best I have ever handled!!! Defiantly a must buy if you love quality playing cards, for magic or just a reg game of cards these will satisfy!!!



Package not received

ITS BEEN 5 MONTHS! I ordered economy shipping which though I knew was slower, I would not have imagined that it would take this long. This is appalling service, and to be very frank I am irate. I would like a refund promptly. Thank you.

Hi Sharad, Apologies for the inconvenience! International economy shipping usually only takes 2-3 weeks to arrive, so something must have gone wrong. Can you please send a message to with your order number information, and the customer support team will be happy to investigate and help you out.
Cool cards, but...

I have only played with the blueberry mint deck. Fanning got clumpy really quickly. Not sure why. I have plenty of thin decks. Anyway, love the design and the marking, but could handle a lot better.

Awesome Gaff cards.

Fantastic Gaff cards. Just go for it!

Really great

Awesome cards, no complaints at all.

Gaff pack review

The cards are great to use and are identical to the mint 52 deck (which has been my issue with other gaff cards I have purchased from other companies), it’s a lot of fun and the pack contains a good variety of cards.

Very nice cards, good quality, perfect to complete the cucumber and blueberry decks I ordered