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Like a work of art

More than just a beautiful deck of cards. The beauty of the tuck is more than just eye candy. The texture of the embossing and foil make the tuck feel like a piece of well appointed fabric. The cards themselves are outstanding as well. Easy to read, unique, yet somehow familiar.

Casino grade playing cards

I work at the largest card room in the world in Los Angeles. We use these cards for our VIP games. Mint playing cards are durable and worth every cent.

Casino grade playing cards

I work at the largest card room in the world in Los Angeles. We use these cards for our VIP games. Mint playing cards are durable and worth every cent.

Amazing in Hand!

Haven’t got to use too much yet, but first handling feels amazing and the design is gorgeous. Cant wait to start doing sleight of hand with it :))

Top Notch

Excellent luxury deck of cards. The tuck case already gives away the high quality of the product inside. The cards are perfectly balanced and the aces are beautiful. Oh, and they are easy to read!

Highly Recommend

I love this deck, very well made. The design is beautiful. I love the way they feel when I use them. I would highly recommend these cards to anyone.

really nice cards

Very well balanced cards. I compare them to my david blaine cards which are also super good. I would say the mint cards have my favorite face designs and a really attractive back design. The feel is great, very slippery of course. I only wish the marking was a little bit larger because its hard for me to accurately read in a natural magic scenario.

So beautiful

Really beautiful cards that feel really nice. The system is really easy to pick up and is genius. Just need to go through the deck several times to master but impossible to spot if you don't know what you're looking for. The design of the cards is something I would love to see improved. By this, I mean like the fonts of the numbers. I really like the thickness of the Monarch numbers, but that's just personal preference. All in all, you wont be disappointd. Can't wait for other types to be restocked.

Many awesome. Such great!

smooth and crisp. Amazing to handle. markings are brilliant and easy to read.

Excellent deck wallet

Excellent quality and design!

Sleek n sexy li’l pack.

If u luv Mint for magic, u must get one . . . or more.

Perfect Addition

Same great quality as the rest of the deck with the added potential for some great tricks.

Blueberry Mint’s are one of my favorite decks. An uncut sheet of blueberry Mint makes for some beautiful wall art.

Really cool deck!

The card box looks great with a shiny back and the Mint logo at front, the cards feel really nice and smooth!

An Excellent Mint Deck Wallet

Excellent quality, Excellent Design,
I love the magnetic flap.
Its even better than i expected this to be. It came in nice packaging too.
It even came with a real mint,
How Cooool is that.
You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the design.
It was so worth getting this.

Perfect for Me!

Perfect for me! I'm working on so many new effects w/ this pack. I think my favorite is the double backer blue to green. They handle just as well as the full pack, and I'm glad I bought them... for only five bucks!


This gaff pack is great

Beautiful deck

Beautiful deck. Handles nicely. My only complaint is that the ingenious marking system is TINY. If you are over 30 years old you will have trouble seeing it.

Amazing cards!!!!

I've wanted to pick these cards up for the longest time, but never had the opportunity to until now. Getting them in my hands is an awesome feeling.They feel great, fan well, and the system works. I purchased the Gaff cards too, and they really work. Can't wait to do a trick with the double-facers.

Mint pack and gaff cards

The smoothest deck I’ve handled. Definitely a must have

Ingenious marking system

Amazing Feel

Love the feel and the color is quite nice as well


Nice feel.


Great deck of cards. Good feel.


Great quality. I will carry this everyday.

Very good

The deck is very nice and I find the markings extremely useful and convenient! Would recommend as I've had no issues with the deck and the shipping was very fast.