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Great Deck

The cards are so smooth and shiny. Elegant design all over. Highly recommended!


Solid build quality but it's tight enough to make getting my deck back out a bit of a pain and concern.
I'm loosening it up by expanding it a bit, should be fine afterwards!

Thanks for your review! Once you insert your deck inside, the box isn't meant to be removed again. It's designed so that the box fits very snugly and remains inside the case at all times, while the cards themselves should easily slide out. If you really need to remove the box, then you can pull on the 'lip' of the tuck case and it will slide out with a little bit of force.

Good cards

Good cards good deck to have in my collection I really like it came with an actual mint

Great Deck

Was looking forward to opening and did not disappoint. Different feel from a lot of other decks, nice and thin. Definitely high quality playing cards.

These are dope!

YOOOO the quality is insane! However the blue on the blueberry mint is very black. Other than that these are awesome!


Love the deck!

Best gaff pack for 5 bucks on the market

If you're serious about magic then this gaff pack is a no brainier because you're literally doubling your possible card routines for $5 extra. I can't think of any other gaff system that has that value. This pack will work perfectly with the blueberry or cucumber. You get 3 double face cards with 3 different aces on back, mine came with a 3 of D duplicate, a blank face and double backer for each color plus a double backer with both colors. I'm so glad I got the chance 5o purchase these cards while they're available.


Awesome deck with incredible feel. And i love the deck

My new favorite!

The color is definitely one of a kind and absolutely beautiful. This has quickly became my favorite deck I own because they look good enough to be art but we're definitely made for the worker in mind. The four-way marking system definitely lends itself to be great for magic and gambling demonstrations. I hope they printed enough so I can purchase more for years to come as these will be replacing my keepers as my workers deck. Thanks to 52cards for hitting the Mint 2 out of the park! The only bad thing I can say is I wish there were some borderless versions available.


Incredible cards with a great feel and even better aesthetics. Always my go-to for table or walk around sets.

One of the best decks

I have handled over 150 different decks and I still stand by Mints as one of my favorite decks. They are soft but still snappy and thin the 2 things I look for in a deck. The back design is elegant without being too intricate and over the top. These cards feel the best and look the best.

Better than the stories

Been hearing how the original cards were so good and was wondering how these would live up to the hype. They do. They handle like a dream.

Great Deck

Very easy to handle and great quality.

Very good

High quality and fun to use

Buttery smooth

A legit luxury deck. Worth every dollar. Easy to learn marking system

Worth the wait

I’ve been waiting to get a hold of these cards and now that I’ve gotten them after a long wait, I can say they are premium quality. I love using them for anything I do like magic or just playing games. Best cards ever!


Very well made.

Carat Case
Mint Caratcase

just...AWSOME 👍🏻

Must have case for any collector

I have two Mint Carat cases, one for the blueberry and one for the cucumber Mint deck. And I want more. The fit and finish is PERFECT and makes a gorgeous deck look even better. A+

Mint cards are the best!

The Mint collection are the best cards out there! So smooth and easy to handle! Great quality. Well done!

Great carrying case!

I love the look of the case plus it also fits and protects the cards perfectly! Never have to stress out about leaving it in my pocket all day! Very very happy with it

Good Deck - But Lots of Printing Errors

I really want to give these cards more than 3 stars but with the amount of printing errors, I just can't. I have 6 decks total and of the 4 I've opened, all of them have deviated boarders, more than the 3/64" that the USPCC allows (I'm an engineer and I literally checked them with my calipers). Don't get me wrong, Mint makes great cards but the boarder deviations are so apparent that even people that know nothing about cards have pointed it out to me. At $15 a deck I think you guys should go back to the USPCC with these complaints to see if they can cut you a break on future runs. Pull out some decks and check them yourselves and you'll see what I'm talking about. One other thing worth noting is the finish on the cards. I've been using one deck as my EDC for less than a week now and it's already clumping on fans. I feel like the finish wasn't properly applied or didn't cure correctly. It could just be my location in humid Florida but I think it's worth verifying yourselves. Other than those two printing errors, I have zero complaints and I will absolutely be ordering more down the road (hopefully a different batch). Please don't take these comments as negatives against Mint, they have no control over USPCC printing. They make solid decks and it's worth picking a few up if you're new to them.


I am the guy that has scoured the internet buying up all the first edition Mint decks I could. I missed the first Kickstarter. I didn’t miss the second. If you haven’t bought these decks yet, I recommend buying them now. Some of us have paid upwards of $100 for them on eBay. These decks are flawless and are by far my favorite. They are right up there with the David Blaine Silver Split Spades IMO.


the only thing wrong with these cards is that its the only one im missing in my mint collection:(

great pack

this is a really nice addon to your mint decks and has everything you need nice evelope to cart them