Dear Customers of 52Kards,

Please find below our statement in regards to Covid-19 and how it is affecting our business:-

Since December 2019, much of our planet has been thrown into chaos by the outbreak and rapid escalation of Coronavirus. Amid millions of cases and hundreds of thousands of lives lost, many countries have invoked a state of enforced lockdown in order to contain and control this potentially deadly virus. These measures and the subsequent social distancing protocols have had a profound effect on businesses and the global economy.

It is important to us that we are open and honest in our communications and that we make our customers fully aware of the scale and severity of this situation. Each step of the delivery chain is currently experiencing major service disruptions, and regrettably, when these delays are added together, it is resulting in our packages taking significantly longer than usual to arrive.

USA Orders

All of our US orders are handled by the United States Postal Service; to their credit, they have continued to provide the best service that they can during this pandemic. In the most part, their domestic service has remained consistent, but as the weeks have gone by, we have seen their service suffer in the form of increasing delays. The latest information about domestic service disruptions can be found below.


International Orders 

As of June 2020, the United States Postal Service has had a list of more than 100 countries and territories that are currently unable to accept international mail, with many more countries reduced to just an Ocean Mail service in order to receive international mail items. This list, along with the latest international updates from USPS can be found below:

Under normal circumstances, we would expect our international deliveries to arrive in approximately 2-3 weeks; unfortunately, with the onset of Covid-19, this timescale is no longer realistic. Having assessed 

our delivery times over the last 3 months, we are now seeing an average international delivery time of between 8-12 weeks*. 

*The figure of 8-12 weeks is still just an estimate; in countries that have not been as severely affected or are further along in terms of recovery, it may be quicker. Other countries, especially those only able to receive Ocean Mail, may take longer.


At this time, we would like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of our customers, both new and returning; your unwavering support and incredible patience over these last few months has surpassed all of our expectations. We are committed to providing the finest, curated selection of World Class Playing Cards alongside a plethora of Magic Tricks and Resources. We are also intent on making sure that we provide our patrons with a level of customer service that goes above and beyond their expectations.

We sincerely hope that you are all staying healthy, happy and of course magical during this unspeakably difficult time.

From our family to yours; 

MUCH LOVE!! and STAY SAFE out there.

Best regards,

Asad and the team at 52Kards.