Second Edition

Blueberry MINT

  • The Blueberry Mint deck features the iconic Mint design pattern printed in a crisp shade of blue. 
  • The cards are printed by the United States Playing Card Company on a Crushed Casino Grade Bee Stock and coated with a silky Air Cushion Finish. Your hands deserve nothing but the best.
  • The cards are carefully packaged in a beautiful embossed and foil laced tuck case and then sealed with a branded 'Second Edition' tax stamp.
  • Mint playing cards feature a number of valuable features for magicians. The back design includes the new and improved multi-directional Mint Marking System. The cards are Traditionally Cut to help facilitate the execution of perfect Faro Shuffles. Each deck also includes a Double Backer gaff card and two identical Jokers.
  • Proudly crowdfunded on Kickstarter. This deck was presented as a part of the MINT 2 Kickstarter project in 2018. Over 5,600 incredible backers came together to raise a historic $564,558 in funding to make this deck a reality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
The Best Cards

These are without a doubt the best cards I have ever had the pleasure of handling. From the gorgeous design to the subtle marking system, these cards are very much essential for the modern magician!

Package not received

ITS BEEN 5 MONTHS! I ordered economy shipping which though I knew was slower, I would not have imagined that it would take this long. This is appalling service, and to be very frank I am irate. I would like a refund promptly. Thank you.

Hi Sharad, Apologies for the inconvenience! International economy shipping usually only takes 2-3 weeks to arrive, so something must have gone wrong. Can you please send a message to with your order number information, and the customer support team will be happy to investigate and help you out.
Cool cards, but...

I have only played with the blueberry mint deck. Fanning got clumpy really quickly. Not sure why. I have plenty of thin decks. Anyway, love the design and the marking, but could handle a lot better.


Very nice cards, good quality and fast delivery even though I'm in France

Wonderful deck

The marking system is easy to read and invisible to any other person. The faces are good and minimalistic but personally, I like more complicated faces. The feel is really great, they are thin and handle well. The tuck case is gorgeous with the silver foil inside and the sparkling back.


Love the card sets, easy to read and almost invisible to others. I would like, however, for 52 to commission some more of the frost back mint cards (the kickstarter edition). They look wonderful!!!!!