Second Edition

Foil Frost Mint

  • The Foil Frost Mint deck features iconic Mint pattern Foil Stamped in Cobalt Blue with the United States Playing Card Company's proprietary Metal Luxe technology.
  • Proudly crowdfunded on Kickstarter. This deck was presented as a part of the MINT 2 Kickstarter project in 2018. Over 5,600 incredible backers came together to raise a historic $564,558 in funding to make this deck a reality. 
  • This deck was an Ultra-Limited Kickstarter Exclusive that was only available during the 30-day Kickstarter campaign in July, 2018.
  • Only 3,144 decks were made. Most backers were only allowed to get one deck. The highest level supporters of the project were allowed to get two.
  • Printed by the USPC on Crushed Casino Grade Bee Stock. Coated with the legendary Air Cushion Finish and Traditionally Cut.
  • Packaged in a rigid tuck case that is beautifully laced with foil and embossing.
  • The box is sealed with a serialized 'Foil Edition' tax stamp and wrapped in cellophane.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
marco drummen (Maastricht, NL)
this deck is incredable!

beatifull deck for display and prob one of the nices decks i owe. i had the oppertunity to get 2 through kickstarter campaign and 1 is on my desk in carrot case the outher one im still thinking about opening cause they are so beautifull and need to be used too!

Dave Sousa (Toronto, CA)
Beautiful deck

This is one of the nicest decks I own. I don't plan on selling mine so I opened my deck and don't regret it. They are absolutely beautiful in person and no photo can do them justice.

Cameron (Egg Harbor, US)
Not opening them anytime soon

The pics and videos make these look amazing. I've opened my regular Frost mint decks, and those are amazing, as are the Blueberry and Cucumber Mint decks, but seeing as I only have the one Foiled Frost and there were only so many made, I just can't bring myself to destroy that seal. My goal is to make up a shadow box of one complete set from the Kickstarter, including gaff pack, sticker, and the actual mint, and then hang that on my office wall. I'll be using the open decks and probably buying a few more Blueberry and Cucumbers has my regular use decks.

Benjamin Humbert (Puchheim, DE)
So amazing!

Being probably one of the very very few people who have been daring enough to open this deck, I have to say that the cards just look and feel absolutely stunning! Even just the casing already looks so nice, but I thought it would be a shame to have such a beautiful deck of cards and never use them for what they're made for, to play with them.

Daphnis Wang (Tutong, BN)
Keeping it sealed

This is, as they said, a very rare deck. That's why I'm keeping sealed and probably won't be opening it anytime soon. But I've heard and seen enough to confidently say that the quality is top notch, too.

CJ (Cleveland, US)
Gorgeous Decks

Great for the average collector or nice deck too just display on your coffee table for a fun night with friends, these are one of the best Marked decks on the market. Luxury, mixed with stunning gold and silver inlay on every card! Very beautiful too the eye! You won’t even start playing cards. Just looking at the mesmerizing shiny backs or the decks. Just beautiful Asad. And don’t forget too pick up a badass Custom Mint 2 logo magnetic Crystal Carat case. You don’t want too put one dent on your decks., you know that’s bad news. Great customer service also. They will help you out with anything your having problems with. Very Fast shipping too. Thanks. CJ