Gaffs & Gimmicks

Gaff Pack

Gaff cards can be used to enable amplify certain effects in card magic. The Gaff Pack includes a combination of Blueberry and Cucumber Mint cards.
  • Total of 8 gaff cards.
  • 3x Double Facers
  • 2x Duplicates (One Blue and One Green)
  • 2x Blank Cards (One Blue and One Green)
  • 1x Double Backer (Blue on one side, Green on the other)
  • Perfect for McDonald's Aces, Card Fusion effects, Transpositions, Color Changes, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Frank Hodits (Dayton, US)
Gaff pack

This is perfect. Trying to learn a few tricks and these cards are making it much easier. If you have the blueberry or cucumber mint decks this is a must have.

richard chambers
Great Gaffs

I love the gaffs the ace pips are large and they really stand out when your doing the McDonalds Aces. I have some ideas for some of the other gaffs. You can't beat the price.

B.S. (Cleveland, US)
My Dream of Aces

Favorite act in my routine or just among friends .

Steve Di Tullio (Chandler, US)
Gaff Cards Packets (2) Review

First of ll, 52Kards and the Mint Collection exude nothing less than class and elegance!

My Gaff Cards Packets arrived as soon as promised and in perfect condition. In fact they were wrapped and packaged much better than a lot of more expensive items are.

I value the gaff cards, that's why I ordered two extra sets, because I don't ever want to be without them. If you own mint cards and don't have a set of the gaff cards... ORDER THEM NOW. In the gaff card packet , there are three double face aces. When you get your packet (if you don't have them yet) find Asad;s video of "Dream Of Aces". It's exciting, amazing and captivating! It will blow ANYONE away as you perform the illusion. I promise you'll love the reaction you'll receive from your audience.

If you have or want playing cards, you should never be without Mint Playing Cards and the companion gaff crds.

Kevin Polson (Clayton, US)
Sleek n sexy li’l pack.

If u luv Mint for magic, u must get one . . . or more.

Cory Jackson
Perfect Addition

Same great quality as the rest of the deck with the added potential for some great tricks.