Gaffs & Gimmicks

Gaff Pack

Gaff cards can be used to enable amplify certain effects in card magic. The Gaff Pack includes a combination of Blueberry and Cucumber Mint cards.
  • Total of 8 gaff cards.
  • 3x Double Facers
  • 2x Duplicates (One Blue and One Green)
  • 2x Blank Cards (One Blue and One Green)
  • 1x Double Backer (Blue on one side, Green on the other)
  • Perfect for MacDonald's Aces, Card Fusion effects, Transpositions, Color Changes, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best gaff pack for 5 bucks on the market

If you're serious about magic then this gaff pack is a no brainier because you're literally doubling your possible card routines for $5 extra. I can't think of any other gaff system that has that value. This pack will work perfectly with the blueberry or cucumber. You get 3 double face cards with 3 different aces on back, mine came with a 3 of D duplicate, a blank face and double backer for each color plus a double backer with both colors. I'm so glad I got the chance 5o purchase these cards while they're available.

great pack

this is a really nice addon to your mint decks and has everything you need nice evelope to cart them

Cool gaff pack for a cheap price

It has everything you need if you a mint 2 collector. Very fast shipping. Friendly customer service And the creator, is so cool. I can’t wait too see what they come out with next!!,...?!......