Timeless Design

A fresh approach to classic playing card design. The elegant design aesthetic evokes the decks that have survived the test of time. Mint is a tasteful choice for card handlers who want a modern deck.

Back Design

The back design features the iconic Mint logo repeating in between a diagonal linear lattice pattern. An extra thin white border frames the card to help create more beautiful spreads and fans. Each corner of the back also includes the intuitive multi-directional Mint Marking System.

Face Design 

The faces are completely custom, but maintains a traditional style that looks and feels relatable. Customized pips and typography are used on each index corner of the cards. The court cards are well illustrated re-imaginings of the Bicycle mainstay. They feature a stripped down color palette of red and black, and the repeating Mint logo pattern can be found adorning the headware. The Ace of Spades features a specialized embellished pip outline of the Mint pattern within.

Tuck Case

Each deck comes carefully packaged in a beautiful letterpress tuck case made of premium materials and laced with gleaming foil and textured embossing. The tuck case is enclosed with a custom tax stamp seal for authenticity and then wrapped in cellophane for additional protection.

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Luxury for The Modern Cardician. Crafted with Premium Quality and Clean Design

The Mint Collection