Premium Quality

Mint Playing Cards handle like a dream. They are manufactured in America and printed by the renowned United States Playing Card Company with our precise specifications. The end result is long-lasting deck of cards that has a buttery soft feel, silky smooth coating, and a healthy snap. No expense has been spared on the production of these decks. Higher quality cards do not exist. 

Crushed Card Stock

The cards are expertly printed on a premium Q1 Casino Grade card stock, and then crushed to a specific thickness for optimal handling. We have achieved a lovely balance of cards that are soft, springy, robust and snappy all at the same time.

Air Cushion Finish

After the cards are printed, they are then embossed with a silky smooth Air Cushion Finish. This slick coating allows the cards to spread effortlessly and beautifully in the hands or on the table. Enjoy performing ribbon spreads, thumb fans, and more attractive moves with confidence.

Traditionally Cut


Traditionally cut cards are preferred by heavy card users as they facilitate the process of faro shuffling. The cards are cut with the blades passing from the face to the back. The direction of the cut helps initiate the weave and allows for a more reliable perfect shuffle.

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The Mint Collection